Whats up everybody? How you feeling ? Stepping up out in the world. Pushing the limits. Good, if not keep trying itll happen. Anyway just an update on the the #maizemob world looks like. We have made over 200 skateboards and we are still looking to perfect out model of making decks. So instead of making so many we have decided to make smaller batches, so be on the lookout for those new and revised versions soon to come.


On the kickflip side of things we been out in the wild. Maybe you seen us, though probably not. It’s been a blast. With the first 2 events having already happened (Espanola and Roswell) we are on our way to Grants, NM this coming weekend (9/24). 

Knowing you probably havent seen I will just tell you. We have been taking over skateboard parks and giving tips on skateboarding tricks as well as Roller Skating tips, thanks to @Danicaajade. 

So Far we have reached 3 youth in total with our efforts, and of course their have been the homies who show up and show out for us, THANK YOU!

The skating has been #uhmaizing, check out the recap videos on yt, insta, and tik tok (@maizeskateboards) . Let us know if you want us to pull up anywhere specific and you never know we might just be there ! Much love and drink more water, 

AND #pleasejustskate 



native skateboarding at its finest