As of May 28th year two thousand twenty two, Maize has seen about 7 revolutions around this rock. In the beginning we started printing t-shirts out on the reservation. Using hair dryers as a means to “cure” our screen printed shirts. Moving along we built out a team and started to travel to different contests in different areas.


Ups and downs come with building a team. Not for lack of effort but from growth of self, the team aspect of Maize began to fade. However this created time away from the road, and time to focus on products. A goal that was set for Maize was to produce (in house) skateboard decks.



Through trial and error we were able to find a way to make the concrete molds. Then we were on our way to manufacturing skateboards. With goals accomplished, new tasks arised. Well, now you have all of these blank decks, how are you going to print them? We knew that a heat transfer machine is like 15 grand plus, that was not possible for us. So we looked at the trusty squeegee and used regular t-shirt screen printing methods.



It wasn’t enough. The print in between the trucks was not the vibe. So now we have ventured into creating curved screens and printing the entire deck nose 2 tail. We want to thank everyone who has supported us on this journey. One day at a time, we will be able to manufacture skateboard decks for the southwest.



native skateboarding at its finest