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Diy Skateboards a journey

Hello, if you know who we are then awesome. For those who don't well my name is Victor Z Corpuz (the one writing). As Maize Skateboards we have been making skateboards for the last 3 years. How did we start making skateboards? Well we initially got skateboards decks printed by a company out of southern California. That took a lot of money as well as time. So imagine ordering decks in the first quarter of the year and not receiving them till' mid May. Not such a big deal when you don't sell skateboards, but we would miss our biggest sales because of this. One would say to order earlier, that was something that we would try and plan for , but eventually the waiting was just unpredictable. This is what started the journey.

So research and development began. A vacuum bag was of interest. So we bought on of those and soon found out that feasibly to make mass produced boards we would be vacuuming all day and not seeing much progress. However the vacuum bag is probably the most thoughtful process you can start out with. It allows you to have a light at the end of the tunnel where, wood molds and concrete molds seem daunting. Those two process are daunting . We spent a lot of money on R&D, specifically with wood before figuring out that, the foam/vacuum molds were the way to start.

Skateboard making is not hard ,but does take time and patience. If you to want to start skateboard making, do it . And more importantly if you have any questions reach out and lets build together !

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