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Skateborting events?

Hey everyone! Skateborting events , why would you start skating? Well Skateborting is about community, the people to meet , the places you will go all of it. We are hosting a skatebort event this weekend and it's a great time to start or even just come see the potential of what could be. 

Now forsure our events are our events. What does that mean ? Well really, there's a reason why we aim for for mornings rather than afternoon… why? It's so we can hit the important things first. Often times there is a stigma around skateborting. A lot of alcohol can be seen in videos and magazines but we try to lighten that up. Switching it up we offer snacks and coffee

Giving kids something to look forward to. Showing up and showing out. Community isnt just about what you do but more about the time spent. That's what we are focused on , the time spent. 

We want to come to a skatepark near you so let us know . Willing to travel and visit we will see you soon with or without the direction. We are going to do this as much as we can this year. So join us or don't . Know that you are loved even if no one told you! 

See you soon and


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