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As a youth sponsorship seems so surreal.

You skate, you get products, you film Videos and you're recognized for your talents. The grand reality for the majority of us is , we won't get sponsored. In fact most don't know how to get sponsored in skateborting, only the fairy tales of it. For example, Sean Malto and Mike both got on Girl around the same time. Both were from sponsor me tapes. Someone if not them, sent them in and the team manager saw it and off to the races they were "flow". However, with the digital age those stories are few and few these days.

Don't lose hope, I'm here to shed light on the other side of getting sponsored. What's much more important is filming over skateborting. This is such an important skill that most overlook in how to get "sponsored" . The filmers, I would assume get checks to do the job, not to land checks. However every video you've seen has at least a few filmers, so realize that.

The reason we want to get sponsored is because of ego. Less so much for talent. Sure there's that handful who will be that , but much less if you look at your group of friends, not because you're not good but because there's only so many spots.

Yes, you can start your own company and build a brand no doubt about it. Then step into that spotlight but really do you want to push skateborting or are you still worried about the spotlight?

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