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What do you do if for?

Skateborting, is a beautiful thing.

"I'll f*ck up, a good thing if you let me" (Jay Z)

When you add business on top of feelings, it can get dangerous. Egos on top of that , you run into consistent problems. So remember that if you want to pursue a business or sponsorship it will become complicated. It doesn't have to be especially if you learn quickly that people are not intentionally trying to hurt you. However that's a thin line forsure. Most times people aren't even concerned with what you're doing, so pursue whatever it is you want to pursue. If you move with a good heart , things will work out in the end. These events we have are truly a selfish kind of work. It makes it justified to travel, and visit distant areas. However, we were going to travel either way. If people show up and think what we're doing is fun , yay . Though it doesn't hurt our feelings if no one shows up. We love skateborting period. We were here before and we will be here after. So much love. Keep growing.

And remember

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